Small Lab Software

“ATM Pathology” is Dynamic & User friendly Software where user can himself create his own referral Doctors, Agent, Patient, Test and their reporting format. It is best basic Pathology Software which is running in small lab in all over the West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, and other states of India. It is fully dynamic, customized and reliable software for the small labs or diagnostic centre. The basic “ATM Pathology” is consist of the different features like Setup, Patient Entry, Reporting and Billing. Our experts have designed the software by applying the latest technology and have given all the features in a very systematic way which will help the small labs or diagnostic centre to grow their business smoothly.

ATM Softek

Medium Lab Software

It is little bit upgraded software than the small lab software. Our experts have added some more or extra features which are demanded in medium labs or Diagnostic Centers. Our Medium lab software is Offline based software; which has been well designed by our experts and in this system our client can be able to maintain all types of Records like Report Creation, Billing, Accounts, Attendance maintenance and many more. This featured software is familiar with advanced and paperless work for Organization.

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Multi-Branch Software

It is the more advance software than the Small & Medium Software. The well developed pathology or Diagnostic centre have some branches & they can maintain their all branch business record very easily through this system. Our Multi Branch pathology Software helps our client to elevate their business by managing all the data of the branches. Our Client can also maintain each and every part, Like Patient Entry, Bill Invoice, Report Generation, Account Maintenance, Attendance Schedule, Employee Payment etc.

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Cloud Base Lab Software

Our Experts always try to make the things better and also try to apply the new technology for the systems which helps our client to achieve their goal. In the case of Cloud base Pathology Software, all of our clients Pathology or Diagnostic center's data and records are stored on the cloud server instead of the alias your system. The customer or clients can easily maintain their data in the cloud server and our experts have also well designed and customized the system with the new technology. It is the more advance & reliable Cloud base pathology system which helps our clients to reduce the paper work, maintaining data and helps to boost the client business prospects.

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Franchise Lab Software

Our Clients have well designed & prepared the Franchisee version of the Pathology system .It is the more upgraded and developed system which helps our client to grow their business across the country. It is the more reliable and developed system by which clients can be able to maintain the record of the sub –branches from their mother branch. This system has been designed for those who have great number of franchisee across the country. Our Client can smoothly manage the franchisee branch all records Like Patient record, Report and Accounts records through the main branch or the Head Office.

ATM Softek

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