Trusted and Cost effective Pathology Management Software in Bihar

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Pathology lab management software is the blessings of modern technology to organize and automate all medical work of a pathology lab. ATM Softek is a leading software solution based in Kolkata offers trusted, user-friendly, and cost-effective pathology software in Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, and Goa.

We provide a versatile pathology lab management system in Bihar, that generates the most effective and rapid reporting. This is web-based management software eligible enough to handle all tasks performed in a pathology lab. Developers crafted this software in such a way that it can handle and automate each process of laboratory administration and reduce the burden of laboratory executives.

Collecting samples, labeling them, and preserving these samples meticulously is a hectic task for laboratory technicians.  There will also be high possibilities of human error.  In order to fulfill this task, a laboratory should take the advantage of modern technologies. Because it is a software-based framework capable of dealing with all operations of the modern age laboratory. We are offering Pathology management software in Bihar at a very affordable price.

Are You Looking for Premium Quality Pathology Management Software in Bihar?

 Then you are at the right place. As we are offering Professional cloud-based online integrated pathology software in Bihar. This modern software crafted in such a way that you can book a test, analyzes disease, and generates digital reports; it also ensures all data security of all patients and laboratories. Therefore we can provide top-notch software service within our city and out of the state.

We designed the pathology lab software solution to increase productivity and efficiency to complete the advance level of operations on time, and increase the yearly revenue of a multi-tasking laboratory.

The Pathology lab management system software in Bihar is dynamic because the requirements of a pathology laboratory are changing frequently, and that can’t be handled manually. In the cutting edge technology laboratory software functionality spread beyond the original purpose of management. The main reason behind using software is to improve the productivity and efficiency of the sample processing and sample management. It alleviates the unnecessary work pressure of lab technicians and lab executives. And increase the accuracy level. Our software solution captures the algorithm and statistics automatically, and get processed, finally saved for future reference

Monitoring each process of a pathology laboratory is very important. And that can’t be run manually. So we develop Pathology software and offering pathology lab management systems in Bihar to improve the performance of each functionality and management. Our software deals with great practices to reduce manual errors and improve the quality of healthcare services.

ATM Sotek is a popular software solution offering Pathology lab management software in Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, and Goa.

Significant Features of Our Lab Management Software

  Exclusive features of our pathology lab management software are as follows:

  • Generates barcode within a click, and compatible with the barcode printer.
  • Book patient’s test
  • Conduct appointment according to requirements
  • The software admin  executive will handle test booking, he/ she can approve or reject a booking
  • The accountant or receptionist will generate the invoice, bills as per demand
  • After performing a test, lab executives of a diagnostic center insert the data directly into the software dashboard. So the possibilities of manual error get significantly minimized
  • Patients will receive email confirmation notification after booking a test appointment. Also, receive reminder alert just before to appointment.
  • Our online pathology software also integrated with mobile application
  • Our pathology software offers pre-configured tests, customized report format to save time
  • Track contact numbers and e-mail address to connect with patients and their family
  • Patient and their doctors can instantly access test reports soft copy through our pathology software
  • Each test report can be download
  • Our software is user-friendly, time-saving, and cost-effective
  • Backup and restore facilities are available
  • Track weekly, and monthly quarterly financial transaction of your laboratory
  • Ensures a high level of data security
  • Need low to moderate level of maintenance
  • Keep storing each patient’s history and records in a software database. So, a new report can be generated anytime

Benefits of Using Our Pathology Lab Management Software

  • Time-saving
  • Quick response
  • Best result in low expenses
  • Accurate and efficient
  • High-level client satisfaction
  • Increase productivity

Why should you consider us a cloud computing pathology Software provider in Bihar?

Because we are the leading software solution in the emerging industry.  We are providing cloud computing Pathology lab management software in Bihar with acceptable data modules to maintain in-depth data records.  We are dealing with complete data analysis. Our software is designed in such a way that it can be integrated into each system of a complete laboratory.  We have 1000+ satisfied clients all over India they are constantly appreciate us and motivate to upgrade our technology.  They used to say the Best Pathology management software provider in Bihar. We are known for our quality services and our values. We always maintain loyalty and integrity in every aspect of our business.