Best Pathology Software Provider in Goa

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ATM Softek provides pathology management software at a best price in Goa location Now we are focusing on healthcare industry with very affordable rate. It is the end to end solution for a pathology laboratory to manage staff, patients, accounts and pathology reports. Each pathology lab has huge responsibilities towards their patient to provide the best services and accurate reports within time, And handling each operation of a laboratory is not easy task.

But modern IT services, and software solutions make this task easier. Due to pathology software. ATM Softek is a leading software company based in Kolkata providing top-notch pathology software services in Goa.

We are providing high Quality Pathology Management Software in Goa

If you are looking for good quality pathology software in Goa, then ATM Softek can be a reliable option for you.  Our software solution combined with cutting-edge technology to perform different tasks ranging from booking a test, analyze disease, to generate digital test reports. Our software platform also ensures the sixth sigma level of data security for your patients and the laboratory.

What we offer

  • Admin login
  • Staff login
  • Patient login

Our admin login includes

  • Admin will manage staff
  • Manage patient details
  • Handles referral details and their commission
  • Manage finance and accounting
  • Check pathology report
  • Create business reports
  • Make test format and their corresponding price

Our staff login includes

  • Patient management
  • Receive work
  • Create invoice/ Billing
  • Collect online payments
  • Generate test reports

Our patient login includes

  • View and download test report
  • Appointment Booking

How to purchase pathology lab management software?

You can contact us via a given email id or phone number with your mailing address so that our customer care servicing team can connect to you. After that, we will send you the price list of our pathology software.  Then pay the bill as directed by us. After a successful payment, we will send you a link from where you can download the product. After downloading our software call us.  We will guide you on how to install the pathology software. We are providing user-friendly Pathology lab management software in GOA.

Can the pathology software be integrated into more than one machine or dose it integrated into a client server network?

Yes, our pathology software is client server network software so it eligible to in the Local area network (LAN). One machine will be a server and the other machine will be work station machine or client.  Each computer and desktop of your pathology lab can work simultaneously in the pathology software.  Our software here works like a dashboard and centralized each system of reception and laboratory. Because all systems will be connected with LAN.

In our pathology lab software, you can incorporate new test group, own test formats, and new test field.  This the unique feature of pathology software provided by us in West Bengal. You can also rearrange the fields in any test report. You can create your own format. You can also export your report to PDF, RTF, and MS Word documents.  You can edit files in MS Word document. We design our software with a wide range of flexibly and facilities.  That’s why our software is the best pathology reporting software in GOA

The Reason behind Choosing Us as a Pathology Software Provider in Goa

You can Opt  ATM Softek as your pathology software service provider in Goa. As we are dealing with easy to access data modules,  mainly applicable to topical data analysis.  Now in the age of digitalization and cloud computing services, it can also submit all data reports and records of a patient, therefore doctors are able to analyze them properly.

Our Pathology lab management software is well known in Goa, West Bengal, Orissa, and Bihar due to our quality services.  We follow all management protocols to make our clients happy.  Because their satisfaction is our success.  We maintain integrity and loyalty in each aspect of our business.  Our team is always ready to support you so that you can achieve your business goals.