Best and affordable Pathology Software provider in Gujrat

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Pathology lab management software from ATM Softek is the best and cost-effective pathology software in Gujrat. Because Gujrat is reducing expediting costs and reduces order-cycle time in the pathology laboratory.  So ATM Softek pathology lab software comes with 200+ options of the test format and their detailed reference along with the unit of measurement. Our software is ready to use the software after just installation in your laboratory.

Managing a laboratory is not an easy task. Automate and organize each operation of a laboratory is highly time-consuming. But modern technology and software solutions makes everything easy.  Our software-based framework is able to deal with all kinds of operations of a multi-specialty pathology lab. Collecting, labeling, and preserving samples is a very complicated task, and if it is performed manually it would be time-taking. Therefore pathology software is a blessing for a healthcare service. So we are providing the best quality Pathology management software in Gujrat.

Our software use capture the result for:

  • Pathology test
  • X-Ray
  • ECG
  • CT Scan
  • Ultra-sound

Significant Features of our pathology Software in Gujrat


  • Insert patient details like name, sex, age, mobile number, email address
  • Insult referring consult details
  • Test booking
  • Take receipt of the booked test
  • Enter test result
  • Generate test report
  • Capture different kind of test required for
  • Create comprehensive test laboratory
  • Maintain patient database
  • Manage doctor database
  • Make a price list of test
  • Print test slip
  • Take receipt from clients
  • Print receipt
  • Print reports
  • Print daily collection report
  • Print pending test details.
  • Track patient test history

We are providing an end-to-end solution for your diagnostic center. Offering a multiple-use Pathology lab management system in Gujrat.

Benefits of using ATM Softek pathology Software

  • Time-saving
  • Quick response
  • Best result at low cost
  • Accurate and productive
  • High-level client satisfaction
  • Increase efficiency

How to purchase pathology lab management software from us?

You can contact us via a given email id or phone number with your mailing address so that our customer care servicing team can connect to you. After that, we will send you the price list of our pathology software.  Then pay the bill as directed by us. After a successful payment, we will send you a link from where you can download the product. After downloading our software call us.  We will guide you on how to install the pathology software.

How to install our pathology software?

After purchasing the software from ATM Softek you will get a downloadable link of our pathology software along with prerequisite software. If you provide us your postal address we can send the complete installation disk of the necessary software. You will get a documented booklet guide of “ How to install the pathology software in PDF format along with a print copy.

You can install our pathology software by following the instruction of the booklet as described in the document. Or you can call us for better guidance.

Or if you can give remote access to your system (internet connection required), we will help you to install our software.

Valuable facts about Our Company offering Pathology management software in Gujrat  

  • We provide a complete end-to-end solution with 100% responsive technologies
  • We have 1000+ successful happy customers in and outside of the city. Follow and maintain honesty, integrity, and business ethics in every aspect.
  • Our software development team is highly organized and professional to provide premium quality services Treating customers with great respect and faith
  • Independent software solution to empower the business of clients
  • Treating customers with great respect and faith

We never mislead you. We always think in favor of clients.  For this reason our clients reviewed us the best and affordable Pathology lab management software provider in Gujrat.