Cost Effective and User Friendly Pathology Software in Himachal Pradesh

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In the present era pathology lab of a diagnostic center become the busiest workplace among the industry, because of changing science and technology, therefore handling patient data is not as easy as earlier. Therefore we need technological support. Pathology Software becomes the greatest tool to centralized all operations of a laboratory. Therefore ATM Softek, the leading software solution providing the best quality user-friendly Pathology software in Himachal Pradesh. This pathology lab report printing, manage pathology lab records. The unique feature of our software is that It can be installed in more than 10 computers or desktop of a laboratory.

We are providing Pathology management software in Himachal Pradesh, Orissa, Kolkata, Haryana, Goa, and Maharashtra.  This is web-based cloud computing software with a user-friendly interface.

Collecting, labeling, and preserving these samples carefully is a complicated task for laboratory technicians.  There will also be a chance of human error.  In order to fulfill this job, a laboratory should take the advantage of laboratory management system software. Because it is a software-based framework capable of dealing with all operations of the modern age laboratory. We are offering Pathology management software in Himachal Pradesh at a very affordable price.

Pathology Management Software in Himachal Pradesh

 Our pathology management software is supportive to handle data reports, and records of all tests performed under the laboratory of Hematology, Cytology, Serology, Biochemistry, and Neurology. Before and after the clinical examination lab manager can save the data for future reference

We offer Pathology management software in Himachal Pradesh because this tool provides the advantage of billing, invoice management, report generation, printing within a very small period of time. There will be no chance of manual error. Apart from these our software also provides the proper track record of revenue and transaction for better administrative purpose.  Our software is suitable for all sized labs ranging from polyclinic to hospital and nursing home. Doctors and lab experts believe in pathology software due to its functionality and affordability.  Because we are providing the best quality pathology reporting software in Himachal Pradesh without burning your pocket.

What We Offer in Our Software Solution

Our software includes the following options

  • Admin Log in
  • Staff Log in
  • Patient log in

Admin log in includes follow facilities

  • Admin manages the staff
  • Monitor attendance record
  • Handle patient details
  • Manage referral and their commission
  • Handle financial accounting
  • Check pathology reports
  • Create a business report
  • Make a list of test and their price

Staff log in includes the following features

  • Patient Management
  • Receive assigned work
  • Create invoice billing
  • Receive online payment
  • Generate test report

Our patient log in have the following options

  • Appointment Booking
  • View and download the reports

Can the pathology reporting software be integrated into more than one machine or dose it integrated into a client-server network?

Yes, our pathology reporting software is cloud-based client-server network software, so it eligible to work in the Local area network (LAN). One machine will be a server and the other machine will be work station machine or client.  Each computer and desktop of your pathology lab can work simultaneously under the pathology software. Our software here works like a dashboard and centralized each system of reception and laboratory. Because all systems will be connected with LAN.

Our software team crafted the pathology software with a wide range of flexibility and facilities.  That’s why our software is the Pathology Lab Management Software in Himachal Pradesh.