User-friendly and Cost effective Pathology Software in Madhya Pradesh

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In the present era pathology lab of a diagnostic center become the busiest workplace among the industry, because of changing science and technology, therefore handling patient data is not as easy as earlier. Therefore we need technological support. Pathology Software becomes the greatest tool to centralize all operations of a laboratory. Therefore ATM Softek, the leading software solution based in Kolkata providing the best quality user-friendly Pathology software in Madhya Pradesh . This pathology lab report printing, manage pathology lab records. The unique feature of our software is that it can be installed in more than 10 computers or desktop of a laboratory. 

We are providing Pathology management software in Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Kolkata, Haryana, Goa, and Maharashtra.  This is web-based cloud computing software with a user-friendly interface.

Collecting, labeling, and preserving these samples carefully is a complicated job for laboratory technicians.  There will also be a chance of human error.  In order to fulfill this job, a laboratory should take the advantage of laboratory management system software. Because it is a software-based framework capable of dealing with all operations of the modern age laboratory. We are offering Pathology management software in Madhya Pradesh at a very affordable price.

We are offering professional quality Pathology management software in Madhya Pradesh

If you are looking for professional quality pathology management software in Madhya Pradesh then you are at the right place, because ATM Softek can be a perfect option for you. Our software solution combined with cutting-edge technology to perform different operations ranging from booking a test, to generate test reports. Our software platform assures the sixth sigma level of data security for your patients and the laboratory.

We include the following features in our software solution:

  • Barcode generator
  • Test booking
  • Conduct appointment
  • Generate billing and invoice report
  • Performed test and save for future references
  • Have the option to notify patient about their reports through E-mail and SMS
  • Our software can be integrated with a Mobile app
  • Our pathology software offers pre-configured tests, customized report format to save time
  • Track contact numbers and e-mail address to connect with patients and their family
  • Each report is downloadable
  • Backup and restore facilities are available
  • Assure a high level of data security
  • Able to track transaction record and monthly revenue of a pathology laboratory

What are the Benefits of Using Pathology Laboratory Software?

  • Time-saving
  • Quick response
  • Quality response in a Cost-effective way
  • Accurate and efficient
  • Increase productivity
  • High-level client satisfaction

Some important facts about our company

  • We have 1000+ successful happy customers in and outside of Madhya Pradesh. Follow and maintain honesty, integrity, and business ethics in every aspect.
  • Our Software development team is highly organized and professional to provide premium quality services
  • Treating customers with great respect and faith
  • Independent software solution to empower the business of clients
  • Clients' success is our concern because our team is being strived to serve themselves to empower your business. We provide 24*7 client support. We never mislead our clients. Help them to grow their business. Therefore our satisfied clients used to say Pathology lab management software in Madhya Pradesh . Being a leading company we are committed to serve our best.