Get Quality Yet Affordable Pathology Software in Manipur

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At the age of technology, modification of the system is important. Because up-gradation is the rule of survival.  So we believe that, if you want to provide good quality healthcare services, you just need to take the help of technologies

If you ask why?

We would say, to increase efficiency and productivity. In the fast-paced industry we need quality service within time, and that must be accurate. So, ATM Softek, the leading software solution based in Kolkata is offering quality yet affordable pathology software in Manipur.

Not only Manipur, but we are also providing cloud-computing pathology software services throughout India to help the healthcare industry. In this pandemic situation, the healthcare industry requires more technical support to fight against the disease. So our team is always striving to help you.

We are ready to provide premium quality Pathology management software in Manipur

 If you are looking for premium quality pathology management software in an affordable rate, then you are at the right place. Because we are ready to provide good quality pathology management software in Manipur at a very affordable rate.

Before taking about our software products, you need to have a concise idea of Pathology Management Software.

What is Pathology management software?

Pathology management software is a laboratory information management software (LIMS). It is a software-based product specially designed to support modern laboratory operations.  Two main features of a LIMS is workflow and data tracking support, having a data exchange interface along with flexible architecture. A pathology software also uses as an enterprise resource planning tool that can handle multiple operations of a pathology lab.

At the age of technology, pathology software has spread more beyond the main purpose of sample collection and management, data management, data mining and Analysis. Electronic laboratory notebook also known as (ELN) also integrated into pathology software to empower its feature. Now pathology management software capable enough to support comprehensive case-centric clinical data.

A Pathology lab management system in Manipur is dynamic as the requirements of a laboratory are constantly changing. And for that reason up gradation of technology is important. The main cause of using pathology software is to improve the productivity and efficiency of sample processing and management. It reduces the unnecessary workload of lab technicians. That reduces the possibilities of human error and increase the accuracy level. Our pathology software process and manage all data accurately within time and save for future reference.

Significant features of our pathology lab management system software

Regular surveillance of each process of the laboratory is very important, which can’t be done manually. So we are offering Pathology lab management software in India, including Manipur to improve functionality and management. Our software is developed with optimized features to reduce manual errors so that pathology deliver accurate reports within the time.

Our software captures the result for

  • Pathology test
  • CT Scan
  • USG
  • Ultra-sound
  • X-Ray

Unique features of our pathology software include:

  • Barcode generator
  • Booking test
  • Conduct appointments
  • Create billing and invoice reports
  • Perform test and save for future reference
  • Have the option to notify patient about their reports through SMS and Email
  • Our pathology software offers pre-configured tests, customized report format to save time
  • Our software can be integrated with a Mobile app
  • Track contact numbers and e-mail address to connect with patients and their family
  • Backup and restore facilities are available
  • Ensures a high level of data security
  • Having pathology inventory management features
  • Track and automates the financial transaction, and handle accounts

What are the benefits of using a pathology reporting software in a diagnostic center?

  • Early response
  • Avoid wastage of time
  • Increase productivity
  • Accurate and efficient
  • Ensures security of crucial data
  • High-level client satisfaction
  • Premium features within an affordable rate

Some important facts about our company

 Before taking any service you should know about the company and the product & services that used to provide to their customers.  We are here to talk about some facts of our company.

  • We are an independent software solution to empower the business of clients since 2012. We have 8 years + experience in that emerging field
  • We used to treat our customers with great faith and respect
  • We have a large number of qualified developers to create and design your software solution, app, and websites
  • We choose our employee according to their skill and expertise
  • We have 1000+ satisfied customer all over India, because we follow honesty, and keep our commitment to provide high-quality services in affordable rate

Clients' success is our main concern. As our team is being strived to serve themselves to empower your business. We provide 24*7 client support. So most of our clients say we ATM Softek is the Pathology lab management software in Manipur.