Best Pathology Software Service Provider in Nagaland

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In the present age of IT and Software solutions pathology reporting Software to become the basic tool to run the lab management. Now pathology lab of a diagnostic center becomes the busiest workplace among the industry, because of changing science and technology, therefore handling patient data is not convenient without technology. So we feel the importance of technological support. Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) or a Pathology Software becomes the greatest tool to centralize all operations of a laboratory.

ATM Softek, Being a leading software solution based in Kolkata offering the best quality user-friendly Pathology software in Nagaland . Our software can handle all pathological operations ranging from collecting a sample to processing them and generating reports. The main feature is that our software can be integrated into more than a single computer or desktop in a corporate pathology lab.

Our software captures the result for

  • Pathology test ( Hematology, Serology, urine test, Rapid test)
  • X-Ray
  • ECG
  • CT-scan
  • Ultra-sound

What do we offer in Our Pathology Management Software Package in Nagaland?

 We are offering premium quality pathology management software in Nagaland in a cost-friendly rate.  We use cutting-edge technology to develop our IT Products. Our software professionals enrich their skills to modernize the software, which has a user-friendly interface and can customize each operation as per requirements. We designed a pathology reporting software in such a way that it can accomplish each process of pathology software accurately within time.

We offer these options in our pathology software

  • Admin login
  • Staff login
  • Patient login

Admin login includes the following features:

  • Handle staff management
  • Track attendance of staff
  • Handle and optimized patient details
  • Manage referral and their commission
  • Handle financial accounting
  • Create and analyze patient report as per the preference unit
  • Generate yearly business report
  • Create the list of test packages

Staff login includes the following features:

  • Patient Management
  • Receive assigned test
  • Generate invoice billing
  • Make a custom report for each patient
  • Receive online payments

Patient login includes the following features:

  • Downloadable report
  • Appointment Booking

Step-by-step guidance on how to purchase our Pathology laboratory software in Nagaland

  • Connect us through the given email-address on our company page, and provide us your location details, along with the mobile address and phone number
  • We will revert back to you within 24 hours
  • We will send the pathology software packages along with the price list
  • You can choose our software as per your requirements
  • Then confirm the booking and pay the bill online
  • Next, we will send you a link from which you can download the web-based pathology software
  • After download, directly call us, our technical team will guide you on how to install our software
  • If you provide remote access to your system, we will help you to install our pathology software
  • Also send us your postal address, so that we can send the complete disc of the necessary software

We integrate web-based architecture in our Pathology lab management software

A web-based Cloud computing pathology reporting software is a hybrid of thick and thin client architecture. Most of the time clients work on a web browser. Our pathology software need the basic support of desktop software needs to be installed on the client device. The final output is a process that can be seen to the end-user through a web browser.  Web-based architecture offers more functionality with a user-friendly software interface.  

The core function of Pathology reporting software is to handle a large number of patients’samples. Apart from that laboratory information management software also has unique features and functionality to support a first-spaced superspecialty laboratory.  Despite modifications, our pathology software has the base set of functionality to perform each operation accurately. The functionality can be divided into five laboratory processing phase. Such as

  • Login of a sample including customer data
  • The assignment, scheduling, and recording of samples, and the corresponding analytical workload.
  • Processing and quality control of the sample and utilized inventory and equipment
  • The Storage of data corresponding to patients’ sample analysis
  • EThe inspection, and compilation of sample data to make reports, and further analysis.

These things makes our pathology a more powerful to manage a multitasking laboratory, and perform medical as well as non medical task within time. So our clients have faith on us, that they believe ATM Softek is the best Pathology lab management software service provider in Nagaland.