Best Pathology Software in Sikkim

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Managing a multi-specialty laboratory is not a very convenient job. Each hospital and the diagnostic center has huge responsibilities for their patient to give the best quality services efficiently with accuracy.  And this is the main concern. But modern scenario changes, updated versions of  IT services, software solutions make this tedious job manageable due to pathology software. ATM Softek is a leading software company based in Kolkata since 2012, providing top-notch pathology reporting software services in Sikkim.

Collecting samples, labeling them, and preserving these samples carefully is a hectic task for laboratory technicians.  There will also be a possibility of manual error.  In order to accomplish this job, a laboratory should take the advantage of the help of management system software. Our system it is a software-based framework capable of managing all operations of the modern age laboratory. We are offering  Pathology management software in Sikkim at a cost-friendly price.

Our product is quite similar to hospital management system software like as laboratory admin insert results into a database that will be open to approving when a patient has been tested at the same laboratory

What do we offer in our Pathology lab management system in Sikkim?

We provide a premium quality pathology lab management system in Sikkim without wasting your money. We are the Kolkata based company having eminent software developers capable to customize your Laboratory information system software (LIMS) as per your need.  We provide pathology software for pathology or a diagnostic center, Polyclinic software for a polyclinic, hospital management software for a multi-specialty hospital.

Operations of our pathology reporting software are as follows:

  • Sample management
  • Instrument and application integration
  • Electronic data exchange
  • Audit management
  • Barcode handling
  • Customer relationship management
  • Compliances
  • Data mining and management
  • Instrument calibration and maintenance
  • Inventory management
  • Electronic and manual data entry
  • Personnel and workload management
  • Method management
  • Quality assurance
  • Generating reports
  • Tracking time
  • Traceability
  • Workflow

Benefits of using LIMS or Pathology lab management system

  • Quick response
  • Work was done within time
  • Increase accuracy
  • Improve productivity and efficient
  • Assures a high level of data security
  • Optimum-level client satisfaction
  • Customized features within a cost-effective rate

Technology that crafted our pathology software solutions

The Pathology laboratory reporting software is an evolving concept, with unique features and lots of functionalities being added.  With the up-gradation of Medical science and technology, the laboratory needs some technological changes, As the functions of a pathology software likely change quickly. In spite of changes, we incorporate the base set of functionality to fulfill the primary requirements of a laboratory. The functionality of pathology lab management software can be divided into six laboratory processing phase. 

They are such as:

  • The administration and login of patients’ samples and their details
  • The assignment, tracking, and labeling of samples and associated analytics of workload
  • The processing and quality check of patients’ samples, and laboratory equipment
  • Inventory Management
  • Storage of data associated with sample analysis.
  • Approval, Inspection, and compilation of patient sample data for diagnosis and reporting

Step-by-step guidance on how to purchase our Pathology laboratory software in Sikkim

  • You contact us through email id and mobile number at the contact us page and provide the required Email address and phone number
  • We will revert back to you within 2 days, and send you the packages and price list of the pathology Software
  • Book your pathology software and pay the bill
  • We will send you a link from where you will download our web-based online pathology management system software
  • After downloading our software directly call us, we will guide you on how to install and implement our software
  • Send us your postal address, therefore we can send the complete disk of the necessary software
  • Get a booklet on “ How to install our pathology software”, that will be in PDF format, we also provide a print copy of our installation guide
  • If you provide remote access to your system, we will help you to install our pathology software.

What type of technology has been used in our pathology management software?

We integrate web-based architecture in our Pathology laboratory software. A web-based pathology reporting software is a hybrid of thick and thin client architecture. Most of the time clients work on a web browser. Our pathology software requires base support of desktop software needs to be installed on the client device. The final output is a process that can be seen to the end-user through a web browser.  The web-based architecture provides more functionality along with a user-friendly software interface.

We have 1000+ satisfied customers throughout the country. We gain trust through our services. So our happy and loyal customer used to say we are the best Pathology lab management software in Sikkim