Best and Affordable Pathology Software in Uttar Pradesh

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We provide cutting-edge technology-based pathology software in Uttar Pradesh . With branding science and technology, medical science demands more.  And software solutions in healthcare services are just blessings of modern technology. Our company ATM Softek, being a leading company based in Kolkata offers a cost-effective, user-friendly Pathology lab management system in  Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, and other North-Indian states.

We offer multi-tasking pathology reporting software in Uttar Pradesh , that created the most efficient and quick reporting. This is web-based cloud-computing online management software dealing with each operation performed in a pathology lab. Software engineers designed this software in such a way that it can operate and automate each process of laboratory administration work successfully, and reduce the work pressure of laboratory executives

Collecting samples to processing them is a tedious job, and there will be a high risk of manual error. To avoid any kind of error and to increase accuracy we need healthcare management software. To maintain a Pathology lab we just need pathology reporting software.

Our software is able to capture the result for pathology tests (Hematology, Serology, Urine test, etc), CT-Scan, radiology, X-ray, ECG, Ultra-sound.

What is Pathology management software?

Pathology management software is an online software that brings the most efficient rapid reporting and ERP Software.  The cloud-integrated web-based pathology management software is capable to automate all activities performed in the pathology center.

Being a leading software solution, we offer different test packages as per pathology. Therefore the client’s .have lots of options and they can select as per their requirements. Our pathology software manages patients’ information, lab request, appointment booking, and lab results. It also offers cost reduction, improved accuracy, increase profitability, and revenue with flexibility and transparency. We provide such kind of Pathology laboratory software in Uttar Pradesh that integrates and coordinates with all activities performed in a pathology lab.

Updated Version of Pathology Lab Management Software in Uttar Pradesh.

In the modern age, each sector is growing with the help of technology. Each pathology lab should modernize their approach. Modern laboratories start using laboratory management software to handle and automate data with security. A sophisticated pathology reporting software is able to handle all types of tests like a complete blood test, Thyroid-stimulating hormone quantifications, iron studies, urine analysis, and much more. Laboratory information management software (LIMS) automates inventory, reports, billing, track lab orders, etc. From cytology, hematology, chemistry, mycology, microbiology serology, parasitology, and toxicity, a LIMS has different solutions. Here you just have to put result values and print reports. There is also an option to share reports to the corresponding doctors through email, and WhatsApp.

The updated version of pathology lab management software in Uttar Pradesh have modern features, such as:

  • Formulation and synthesis
  • RFID secure
  • Document management
  • Instrument allocation
  • Barcode labeling
  • Electronic signature
  • Invoicing and quotations
  • Consumption traceability
  • Sampling, labeling, and storag
  • Sample processing
  • Specification management
  • Monitoring overall process

ATM Softek provides more reliable and flexible Pathology lab management software in Uttar Pradesh assist to reduce cost and increase efficiency, track tests and examinations, analyze data quickly, get the result within time. Our lab management software is user-friendly, and cost-effective that facilitate the bill and report generations with increased accuracy and privacy. We use modern technology to empower our products and services.