Responsive and User friendly Pathology Lab Management Software Program in Uttarakhand

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We're an experienced corporation, presenting unique forms of software solutions to pathology labs and diagnostic centers in India. Now we are supplying the nice great pathology lab management software program in Uttarakhand. At the age of IT and software services, we want upgraded versions of equipment to perform important tasks and administrative work. We’re increasing our presence every day and our product and services are used in a small town as well as in Metro city.

ATM Softek crafted a pathology software in such a way that it can handle all operations of a laboratory within time.

We offer a multi-tasking Pathology lab management system in Uttarakhand, that generates rapid reporting. This is a cloud computing web-based software able to do all operations performed in the Superspecialty pathology lab. Our software engineers designed this software in such a way that it is able to automate every technique of a diagnosis pathology lab, and decreases the load of lab executives and technicians.

What will we offer in our pathology management software in Uttarakhand?

In case you are seeking excellent pathology software at an affordable rate, then you definitely are at perfect place.  Being a leading software solution, ATM Softek provides high-quality pathology management software in Uttarakhand.

Operations of our pathology software program are as follow:

  • Sample management
  • Instrument handling and application integration
  • Digital facts exchange
  • Audit control
  • Generating barcode
  • Consumer management
  • Compliances
  • Data mining and management
  • Machine calibration and preservation
  • Inventory management
  • Electronic and manual facts access
  • Department wise staff and workload management
  • Method control
  • Data assurance
  • Generating reports
  • Monitoring Time
  • Traceability
  • Workflow

Benefits of using a pathology laboratory software program

  • Quick response
  • Accomplish work within time
  • Ameliorate productivity
  • Accurate and efficient
  • Assures sixth-sigma degree of facts security
  • Ultimate-level Client satisfaction
  • Top rated features in affordable price

The basic technology behind our software solutions

The laboratory reporting software is an evolving concept, with current capabilities and masses of functionalities being delivered.  With the up-gradation of Medical science and technology, the laboratory also needs a few technological changes, because the functions of a pathology software possibly trade very fast. Despite adjustments, we upload the base set of functionality to fulfill the number one necessities of a laboratory. The functionality of pathology lab management software can be divided into six laboratory processing section.  They are including

  • The management and login of patients’ samples and their information
  • The collection,  monitoring, and labeling of samples and associated analytics of workload
  • The processing and conduct test of patients’ samples, and laboratory gadget
  • Inventory management
  • Storage of statistics related to pattern evaluation
  • Approval, inspection, and compilation of patient pattern statistics for prognosis and reporting

Exclusive facts of our software solutions

  • We provide a high-quality comprehensive solution for your diagnostic center and hospital pathology lab. We integrate a customized program, that is best fitted for your pathology lab.
  • We provide a complete solution for management software for different industries ranging from School to retail to health care.
  • Optimized your software with the help of skilled and experienced software engineers, and developers, creative web designers.
  • We have 1000+ successful happy customers in and outside of the state. Follow and maintain integrity, honesty, and ethics in every aspect of the business.
  • Our Software development team is highly organized and professional to provide premium quality services.
  • Treating customers with great respect and faith
  • Independent software solution to empower the business of clients.

Clients' concern is our concern, their business goal is our service goal. We never mislead our customers and provide 24*7 support. We used to help our clients to increase their business reputation. For that reason, our happy clients reviewed us as the best pathology lab management software provider in Uttarakhand.