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Pathology Management Software

Pathology management software is versatile and user-friendly software, created by our company
“ ATM Softek”. It is a very dynamic pathology management software, that brings the most effective and rapid reporting.
This integrated secured web-based management software can manage all the activities performed in a modern pathology lab.
Our pathology lab management software offers you the different types of test packages, from where you can select as per your requirements.

The intention behind Creating a Pathology Lab Management System

Our pathology lab management software can be used in any pathology lab to book a test, analysis of disease, and to get the test report. This pathology lab management system is efficient enough to keep the whole record of a patient. The basic intention behind creating a pathology lab management software is to increase the productivity, ensure work on time, and to improve the yearly revenue of a pathology lab.

This pathology laboratory software provides the most adaptable data modules, that is particularly applicable for keeping in-depth records of patients’ history. Now it also has been used to disperse and submitting all test reports, so that doctors can compare them.

The pathology lab management system is incorporated in every clinical lab to centralize all modules and data of the clinic, diagnostic center, and all pathology labs. So that they can connect with each other very easily, and clinical treatments to be done without wasting time.

Exclusive Features of Our Pathology Laboratory Software

  • It can book a patients’ test
  • Conduct an appointment as per patients’ requirement and emergency case
  • The pathology admin handle the booking of tests, he/ she can approve or reject as per requirements
  • The receptionist or accountant generates invoice bill as per the test requirements
  • Lab technicians of a diagnostic laboratory perform the required test, after that they can enter their data directly to the installed lab management software, so the probability of value error get minimized
  • The patient will get an email notification of approval of his/ her test, and appointment. Also, receive reminder notification just prior to the appointment date
  • Our pathology laboratory software can also be connected with mobile application
  • In our lab management software, you will get pre-configured tests, and customized report format, that facility save the time of our hardworking lab executives
  • Our software track phone numbers and email-address of patients’ to connect them instantly
  • The patient and his corresponding doctor get the urgent laboratory report via mail for instant access
  • All test and reports are downloadable
  • Pathology laboratory software created by ATM Softek is a highly secured lab management software. We never compromise with any security issue
  • This software is easy to use, applicable for hospitals, diagnostic centers, clinics, and pathology centers
  • Highly affordable and easily accessible
  • It demands a low to moderate level of maintenance
  • Our lab management software can track daily, weekly, monthly, annual account details
  • Maintain every patient’s history, so the report can be regenerated any time
  • Backup and restore facilities are available

Pathology lab management software is very common for every hospital, diagnostic center, and pathology lab to handle numerous data, reports, patients’ history, and also to maintain accounts. Software-based work can save time, and increase productivity, also ensures a high level of data security. Our lab management software is user-friendly, affordable, and generates bills and reports with a high level of privacy and accuracy.

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